Halbmond Carpets

Quality based on tradition
Carl Wilhelm Koch und Fritz te Kock established the tradition, which we feel bound to uphold, in 1880. The two entrepreneurs deliberately chose to set up their business in Oelsnitz/Vogtland in order to manufacture a product, which was setting new standards at that time and on an industrial scale, with high quality, internationally known as a luxury item, but affordable and therefore it appealed to a much broader market. This visionary manner of doing business led to the company becoming Germany’s largest carpet weaving mill by 1913. It played its part in establishing the Made in Germany brand as a globally recognised seal of quality. The name Halbmond represents our deep understanding of our corporate history today, 130 years later, and the traditional values associated with it, which stretch into the future. We are moving in directions, where no other company is going. Our home may be here, but we are at home in the world.

The latest technology
Innovation is not alone but always a matter of technology too. Shortly after re-privatization in the early 1990s, we created the foundations for efficient production using a broad range of investments. So in 1968 a 1m wide spray printing machine – whose patent has been sold in 1971 to the USA – began operating in Oelsnitz, in 1974 the world premiere of large pattern printing took place at Halbmond and already in 1994 the company started with its first ChromoJET jet printing machine. Its digital system makes it possible to create carpets with any kind of design and in any conceivable colour. We have continued to develop our technical equipment since then to meet the highest standards at all times. The latest example dates back to 2008 – when we commissioned a new ChromoJET machine at the Halbmond carpet factory and it now allows us to use up to 24 colours in each design. It is the most modern system of its kind in the world at the moment.

International experience
Our home is in Oelsnitz in the beautiful Vogtland region, but we are at home in the world. This does not just happen by chance. Our team’s international experience is based on customer and business relationships, which have developed over decades, and many years of professional experience. Despite tough operating conditions, Halbmond has retained its base in Oelsnitz and we can still draw on the rich experience of our employees, some of whom have been working for the company for more than 40 years or for several generations. Our well qualified design teams in Germany, England and Romania, on the other hand, not only guarantee creative input and the ability to respond to business developments, but they also introduce an international Ò breath of fresh air to the Halbmond carpet factory. All this culminates in our sales department and its staff who are trained to cope with every international region, an outstanding knowledge of foreign languages in the offices is just as much a matter of course as the cultural sensitivity used by our sales force.

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