Anker Professional Carpets

Family owned company Since 1854. Renowned Experts in Commercial Weaving Wilton Jacquard, its spun fibre and ever green innovation Perlon Rips from 1959, as well for its special Healthcare Ranges.

ANKER manufactures broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and special solutions for all relevant commercial properties: from classics like Perlon rips to products in a myriad of colours and forms of extravagant opulence through to carpets that are compelling in style and of purist austerity. Technical advances, artistic inspiration from the world of design and architecture as well as specific technical requirements from our customers are what drive our progress and innovation. All ANKER products are designed for extremely high-standard commercial property and have proved very successful on an international scale thanks to their outstanding properties.

The use of modern manufacturing technology, intelligent textile structures and creative design provides us with a solid foundation on which to develop superior textile floor coverings. A thorough understanding of customers’ requirements and the positive effects from mutual cooperation in various segments of the market are further guarantees for outstanding standard products or individual made-to-measure solutions for customers.

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