About and Mission

It all began as a single Manufacturer’s Representative-Ship in Dubai back in 2004. A family of renowned manufacturers grown ever since, and the passion to improve customers experience of how things are getting done.

Economical changes, the internet and vast technology cloud developments impacted business to new heights. ​What new technology does is to create opportunities to do a job that customers want done.

A Customer Company. Our world has been fundamentally re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, and cloud. And the disruption just keeps coming, thanks to new forces like big data, location, and communities. These shifts are profoundly affecting customer behavior. And they are changing how we must behave as companies.

The good news is that the same technologies that influence our customers and change their expectations have unlocked a tremendous opportunity in our field to re-imagine the way we connect with everyone who touches our brand and connect to our customers in a deeper, more meaningful way. Today we can truly put our customers front and center and become responsive, available, relevant and accessible. This is what it means to be a customer company.

Tachmarx is primarily a Smart Customer Service, providing a comprehensive, platform. Delivers content and connectivity to customers in a whole new way. Provides guidance and answers to processes, demands, problems and information interactive, fast and competent. Backed with channels of carefully selected international renowned product manufactures.

“At Tachmarx we care for customer experience, and not only to improve, but more to strategically innovate.”

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