Hand-Tufted Carpets


Bespoke Hand-Tufted Rugs and Wall-to-Wall Carpets

To realize very bespoke ideas of colors, design in various materials for Hospitality, Commercial, Residential Spaces as well Private Yachts. It includes exclusive high end demands of finest materials for clients who accept nothing but the best.

  • Hand-Tufting
  • Hand-Woven
  • Hand-Knotted

Using only the finest yarns available on the market. The experience accumulated over the years and the competence acquired allows to distinguish perfectly the differences between the yarns (which is not an easy task), their structural characteristics and performance.

Bespoke productions and designs made from various materials (wool, nylon, natural silk, viscose, bamboo, banana, natural cotton, artificial cotton, twisted yarns, special yarns spun together, blends), various qualities, designs, colors, shapes, sizes, techniques (embossing or carving).


Hand-Tufted for Hospitality

Crafting from simple plain concepts to intricate designs and color concepts.

Hand-Tufted for Luxurious Homes

100% Wool or combined with other Yarns and Carvings.

Hand-Tufted as Runners

Bespoke Designed Carpet Runners.

Hand-Tufted for Majlis and Palaces

Most Luxurious Hand-Crafted Bespoke Carpets

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