Broadloom Carpets

Wall-to-Wall Carpets (Broadloom) are available in various types, specifications, structures and surfaces. We have quite a nice range for our clients meeting all different types of requirements from great standards to high luxury and bespoke designs. Including a carpet made of natural linen and biodegradeable. Or a professional Healthcare Carpet, impervious and disinfectable.




100% Nylon, 80/20 and 100% Wool

IMO Marine

80/20 and 100% Wool


100% Nylon and 80/20

Mosque Carpets

100% Nylon, 80/20, 100% Wool


Tufted Wool and 80/20

Woven 100% Wool

100% Natural Linen

Woven 100% Nylon

Tufted 100% Nylon

Healthcare Carpet

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