Modular Carpets

The Q Start Tiles Collection by Halbmond is a concept of a 770 gr./sqm branded Nylon, Commercial Velour Carpet Quality as Tiles, with excellent performance characteristics, and design sharpness, made in Germany. Offers 36 Different Designs each in 5 different colorways. Below 21 Examples. To see the full collection please download the brochure.


Design F56 – 05A

Design F59-02A

Design F62-05A

Design F64-01A

Design F70-04A

Design F41-05A

Design F46-04A

Desing F45-03A

Design F44-04A

Design F57-04A

Design F63-03A

Design F43-01A

Design F42-03A

Design F52-01A

Design F47-05A

Design F49-03A

Design F74-02A

Design F50-04A

Design F54-03A

Design F48-02A

Design F63-04A

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