by Jan 3, 2020

Healthcare Carpets

Comfort and Wellbeing

Spaces in which the wellbeing and health of the occupants are the primary concern, demand particular attention by those who design and furnish them. CARE CONCEPT is a carpet that has been developed with this in mind. A collection that is committed to the idea of making comfort possible in Healthcare and Wellness Spaces.

The CARE CONCEPT backing is manufactured using the unique ANKER sandwich technology. The result is a product that is impervious, disinfectable and absolute colorfast.

Hygiene is the Golden Rule

More than 2 decades ago ANKER Healthcare Carpets, been the first carpet to meet all the requirements with regards to hygiene and cleaning. As tests by the Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at the RWTH Aachen prove.

There is even an increase in hygiene standards with ANKER Healthcare Carpets when compared to hard flooring – with the same effort required for care and cleaning.

It can be fully disinfected thanks to the backing that is impervious to liquids and the solution-dyed fibres used. This means the prerequisites for effective cleaning, care and disinfection are met. This carpet has the same resistance to conventional cleaning agents and to bleach and disinfectants as hard flooring, and very high colour fastness – even when exposed to high loads and strong sunlight.

And in contrast to hard flooring, dust is not stirred up, but bound in the carpet until it is next cleaned, as demonstrated in the study published by the German Institute for Allergies and Asthma in 2005. This means pollution caused by fine dust is significantly less in rooms with carpets than in those with hard floors.

Less noise pollution thanks to improved sound insulation, a high level of safety thanks to non-slip properties, greater comfort underfoot and heat insulation are the properties that meet with great acceptance from patients, care staff and visitors and help everyone feel more comfortable.

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