by Sep 22, 2019

Woven Carpet Tiles | Part 1

Woven still delivers something tufted cannot do.

Manufacturing partners Fletco in Denmark, representing a product that is stylish, designful with a wearability and surface tufted cannot provide. For Designers who are looking for something different and sustainable in terms lasting performance, this is definetily something pay attention to.

Here is what Sebastion Wrong says about his collection:  Sebastian Wrong by Fletco®

This colourful and imaginative carpet tiles concept gives the client the freedom to design a unique flooring solution to match each individual project perfectly, creating interesting effects within the specific context of the space and other interiors in the building.

Fletco is a modern company, based in Denmark, which has a proud tradition of manufacturing industrial textile products to high-quality craftsmanship standards. Product development, technological innovation, and efficient and eco-friendly production are of key importance to the entire group.

“The premise for the collaboration with Fletco was to work with Fletco’s unique carpet systems that they have developed over the last few years. We wanted to exploit this production technique to create a collection of carpet tiles that would push the conventional floor tile typology into a new direction and dimension. Utilising the standard production setup they have for their existing tile ranges, we can now offer a new typology of product in terms of shape and colour… ultimately offering customers the opportunity to customise their projects using our new tile system.

The concept was developed from the idea of using an endless palette of colours combined with a selection of geometric shapes that can connect and interlock to make many possibilities. The precision of the laser cutting used for the production of the tile shapes combined with the colour range, gives us the possibility to really play with colour, form and pattern in synchronised harmony. This tile collection offers the customer the opportunity to tailor a floor into endless possibilities subject to their needs… flexibility, creativity and opportunity.” Sebastian Wrong

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