by Sep 22, 2019

Leather Belt Panels

A Design Feature, Bespoke with a Unique Touch

With our manufacturing partners Ecodomo in the US, we found a program that delivers new design opportunities for Interior Design for commercial spaces, hospitality and high end residential spaces, as well for private yachts.

EcoDomo’s Phoenix Collection is entirely made of used leather belts which have been collected from second hand stores and donations from partners. All the belts show wear and have a history. The belts are sorted by size, color, and style before being cleaned and processed for application on panels. Available in black, brown, or multi-color, the Phoenix belt panels make a whimsical and gorgeous statement.

We will be glad to work with your team to ensure the best application, value, and ease of installation for your project.

And the best is, installation is easy and similar to acoustic panels.

Stay tuned!

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