by Sep 22, 2019

Green Product | Linen

Natural Linen, Biodegrable Endproduct

Introducing the green product made of natural Linen, by Manufacturing Partners, Halbmond in Germany.

Here is what Halbmond says: “More and more people are living their lives according to the principles of health and sustainability. Values like quality and naturalness are becoming more significant. The FlaxFLOOR collection takes advantage of the unique benefits of natural fibre linen and allows them to reach their full potential in modern living and working spaces. The naturalness of the flax fibres within the linen is what gives FlaxFLOOR its distinctive character. Flax is a renewable raw material that is grown both sustainably and without the use of pesticides.¬†

The fibres are tear resistant, extremely inelastic and retain their original structure even under considerable strain. The unique design and construction of the carpet ensures that it is comfortable to walk upon.

FlaxFLOOR is also ideally designed for life indoors: The linen is made of climate fibres that can absorb up to 35 % humidity without feeling wet to the touch. When the air inside starts to dry out, this moisture is then re-released into the air.

Because the linen fibres hardly trap any air, and because of the unique design of this carpet, FlaxFLOOR possesses above average thermal conductivity, making it especially suitable for rooms with underfloor heating.

The FlaxFLOOR Collection spans a selection of 4 designs, each of which is available in 5 colours that would bring a pleasant ambiance into any space.”

We are excited introducting this product to all who are looking for an even more green and organic carpet floor option.

Stay tuned!

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