by Sep 22, 2019

Colorful Rugs

Rug Creations

Manufacturing Partners Halbmond in Germany have launched a brand new Rug Collection. With colorful and stunning designs.

Here is what they say about it: “Carpet livens up a living room and creates atmosphere. This applies to both carpets and rugs. Our carpets are functional and effective on hard floors, such as parquet or stone, as a stylish eye-catcher and feel-good island. They are at the heart of interior design, being robust and suitable for use in buildings. Magnificent colours, elegant patterns and delicate ornaments flow into one another and unite to form an impres-sive composition that will add highlights to any home. The interplay of different materials and structures pays homage to aesthetics and lifestyle. Discover the new variety of colours and designs – feel the quality of our carpets up close!”

Available in the following sizes:

A = 90 × 135 cm

B = 120 × 180 cm

C = 160 × 240 cm

D = 200 × 300 cm

Currently you can order the rugs with us on the regular way. Soon available also conviently available at your our online store about to launch.

Aside the standard sizes, we can of course also working on bespoke sizes on project basis. So don’t hesitate to ask.

This colorful Rug Collection is only one of many other options we can offer our clients, and that indeed includes other machine made rugs in nylon and 80/20, as well vast options for hand-tufted rugs.

Download Collection Brochure here

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